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The most popular savoury snacks in Germany

With the well-known brands funny-frisch, ültje, Chio, POM-BÄR and Tyrrells, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio of the most popular savoury snacks in Germany. Besides classic potato chips, peanut flips and nuts, Intersnack's vast range of products includes a variety of baked products and unique snack specialities.


funny-frisch is well-known, popular and the market leader of the STAR of salty snacks. Unmistakable in the red-green design - from the classic, the undisputed No. 1: Chipsfrisch Hungarian and many other Chipsfrisch varieties to kettle chips, oven chips with 60% less fat, the snack variety lentil & chickpea chips to our specialities such as Jumpys, Ringli and Frit-Sticks as well as baked products such as our goldfischli. With funny-frisch, snacking is versatile, delicious in form and taste. Joy enters into everyday life, whether alone or together. A perfect companion for the football match or your favourite programme. And if you miss a programme? Take it funny and watch the rerun!


For more than 70 years, ütje has stood for a wide variety of nut snacks. Whether salted, roasted, spicy or pure - ültje offers a diverse portfolio full of flavour with high quality standards of peanuts, noble nuts, coated nuts, nut and nut-fruit mixtures, peanut butter and peanut puree. Powerful and exhilarating through the day and into the evening with ültje!


Chio - THE first German crisps brand stands not only for potato crisps, but also for the crispy, intensely spicy Chio Tortillas in five different flavours with three delicious dips, as well as the unmistakable "Just like in the cinema" popcorn. What more do you need for an entertaining evening with friends, the perfect home cinema moment or for an exciting football game! Chio, Chio, Chio - much more than just a chip!


It's POM-TIME! POM-BÄR is the crunchy nibbling fun for the best family moments. The three delicious flavours Original, Ketchup & Sour Cream Style or the fluffy Luftis always ensure variety, good mood and offer the right snack for every family member. Now NEW POM-BÄR Oven Minis - baked in the oven, not deep-fried, with 50% less fat - the Oven Minis Paprika and Sour Cream. It's POM time with POM-BÄR!


Tyrrells, the newcomer of British premium crisps, now also in Germany. The four delicious premium potato crisps can be enjoyed in four varieties - light Sea Salt, spiced up with a dash of apple cider vinegar, with spicy matured Cheddar or in a fiery, invigorating mix of sweet chilli & red pepper. Tyrrells - uniquely British & tyrrellbly tasty.