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Projects & Initiatives

Intersnack's commitment to sustainability

Sunrise over a wheat field

Sustainability is created through action

Honest Cashew Initiative

When it comes to cashew nuts, frequently, their route from the producer to the factory gates can be long and non-transparent. Our Honest Cashew Initiative was set up to counteract this lack of transparency and directly on the ground in Vietnam and India. In this way, we are defining new standards and ensuring value creation.

Conventional cashew supply chains comprise a number of intermediate steps at different locations. Therefore, to ensure transparency, quality and fair working conditions, the ICC developed a 'single-roof' concept in Vietnam. This concept involves - for more and more cashews - all production steps being carried out directly in our own facilities. Which means we can exclude any non-transparent intermediate steps. This example illustrates how the various facets of our Intersnack sustainability diamond are also reflected in the supply chain.

Macadamia project

As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, Intersnack participates in field projects to create more transparent and sustainable value chains - for example, macadamia cultivation in Malawi.

A woman with pink bobble hat sits in front of a bush with macadamia fruits

Social commitment

As a company, we regularly support social organizations or institutions at our locations. At our company headquarters in Cologne, for example, we have been working for more than 10 years with "Die Arche", a non-profit organization for children from socially disadvantaged families.


At Intersnack, we recognized early on the growing demand for snack alternatives that support a conscious and active lifestyle. Which is why we focus on continuous product innovations. So, for us, the following always applies: we do not compromise on taste. One example is our innovative Lentil Chips, which have become a real success story.