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Growing together

An Intersnack employee

Team Intersnack

Producing the best savoury snacks - that's what we're passionate about , every day. A safe and healthy working environment where we can all grow is crucial for us. We believe that we can only be successful together if we give all our employees the opportunity to develop their full potential. Acting entrepreneurially is one of our company values. Allowing our employees to take personal responsibility is therefore an essential aspect of our corporate culture.

We are proud that our employees have chosen us as their employer. We are committed to ensuring that, in the future, our company will still be an open, responsible and friendly place to work. The health and safety of our employees always come first. We believe that a culture of collaboration and diversity, as well as diverse learning and development opportunities, are what enable us to grow together

Personal development & health

The success of our company relies on the diverse skills of our employees. That's why we have drawn up a comprehensive training catalogue to specifically support the development of personal strengths. We offer an extensive sports programme as part of our health promotion activities. In addition, our workstations have been ergonomically optimized. We also offer anonymous short-term counselling for employees experiencing difficult health, professional or personal situations and not just for employees but also for their family members, too.

Illustration Developing and engaging talents

Occupational safety

At Intersnack, we have one principle - nothing is worth us getting injured. This means that every employee is a role model for all the others when it comes to occupational health and safety. Qualified and motivated colleagues who assume responsibility on a daily basis are the mainstays of our company. For us, this also means that all our plants are regularly externally audited on the basis of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001).

Illustration Social Community

Servant leadership

Our employees should be able to develop their talent independently so as to achieve full commitment and autonomy. Therefore, our concept involves our managers working for our employees - not vice versa.

Bird's eye view: Many colleagues in work clothes stand around a table in a meeting room and analyze figures together.